Application GuideCoating and Surface Treatments for Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, and Optoelectronic Applications



  • IonGuard >>
    Ion implantation treatment to enhance wear and corrosion resistance and reduce friction
  • IonGlide >>
    Ion implantation treatment to minimize resistance to gliding for orthodontic arch wires
  • Spi-Argent >>
    Minimally eluting Nanocrystalline silver-based antimicrobial coatings
  • SPI-Ceramic >>
    A family of hard or insulating ceramic coatings including various oxides, nitrides, and carbides deposited at low temperature by PVD/IBAD process
  • SPI-MET >>
    A family of conductive or biocompatible metal coatings including deposited at low temperature by PVD/IBAD process
  • SPI-Polymer >>
    Ion implantation treatment of polymer substrates to reduce surface friction or improve their biocompatilbity
  • SPI-Sight >>
    A proprietary multi-step process to deposit radiopaque metals such as Au or Ta at low temperature on a variety of medical devices such as guide wires, catheters, stents, and spinal implants
  • IonTite >>
    A family of calcium phosphide and hydroxyapatite films deposited by a proprietary low temperature process on metal or polymer-based substrates
  • SPI-CHS >>
    Covalently-bound Heparin coating that improves blood compatibility of medical device surfaces by minimizing clotting reactions
  • SPI-Spectrum >>
    Proprietary color coating process for Ti, NiTi, stainless steel, Al, and all reflective metal surfaces, to provide product differentiation or improve device aesthetics.
  • OsseoArray >>
    Enhances several key surface properties of the Ti based implants including osseointegration, osseo-induction, and possibly antimicrobial property.
  • OsseoPEEK Mesoporous >>
    A mesoporous structure that may enhance the osseointegration, osseo-induction, and antimicrobial property of PEEK implants and possibly be used to deliver biologics and drugs.

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