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Recent coating developments for combination devices in orthopedic and dental applications – A literature review

Orthopedic and dental implants have been used successfully for decades to replace or repair missing or damaged bones, joints, and teeth, thereby restoring patient function subsequent to disease or injury. However, although device success rates are generally high, patient outcomes are sometimes compromised due to device-related problems such as insufficient integration, local tissue inflammation, and […]

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Spi-Spectrum | Color Coatings for Medical and Industrial Applications

N2 Biomedical’s Spi-Spectrum process produces a family of brilliant and durable biocompatible color coatings that can be applied to a wide range of metallic substrates including titanium, stainless steel, NiTi, CoCr, and aluminum-based alloys, among others. Our coatings are ideal for product differentiation, enhanced aesthetics, as well as improved functionality. We also offer color coatings […]

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