Custom Hydroxyapatite and Calcium Phosphate Coatings

Features and Benefits

• Thin and adherent coating

• Wide range of compositions and crystallinities

• Low temperature deposition process

• Applicable to smooth or textured substrates

• Controlled release of drugs (BMP)

• Nanophase coatings available


• Orthopedic prostheses

• Dental implants

• Spinal products

• Fixation screws

• Trauma implants

Deposited at low temperature and offering a wide range of calcium phosphate formulations, IonTite™ coatings are ideal for promoting bone/implant interfacial bonding. These adherent coatings can be applied to dental, joint replacement and fixation products made of biomaterials such as PEEK, Co-Cr, Ti, stainless steel and most other metals.

Iongtite Representative Device