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At N2 Biomedical we offer a variety of quality coatings for medical and other industries. We serve consumer electronics, aerospace, orthodontic, cardiovascular, and orthopedic customers with coatings that meet their needs in a variety of areas.
Whether it is lubricious coatings, low-friction coatings, or biocompatible coatings you need, we have solutions and expertise that put us in a unique position to help. We can also serve large scale requirements in our facility, which currently processes more than half a million medical and other components per year.

Friction Reduction:

Low-friction coatings can make components work much better in a variety of circumstances across many fields, including medical devices and tools as well as moving pieces that are components in electronics and machinery. Talk to us about your needs for low-friction coatings and we can offer a solution-based quote that meets your needs.

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Lubricious coatings for medical devices is a specialty of ours. And we know that lubricity often has to go hand in hand with other important factors, such as biocompatibility, protection against corrosion, factors involving temperature fluctuation, infection resistance, and more.

Are one of the above areas of importance to you? Do you need assistance with coatings for medical devices, machinery components, or another area that you require guidance with? Talk to us about low friction coatings, lubricious coatings, hydrophilic coatings, and more. N2 Biomedical believes in ongoing research and development to continue to provide innovations in our industry. Our customers span multiple industries and specialties and our proven track record of more than three decades with Fortune 500 companies with unwavering standards puts us in a great position to offer custom solutions. We invite you to talk to one of our team members to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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