Mesoporous TiO2 Coating on PEEK

OsseoPEEK™ Mesoporous TiO2 coatings are produced using a proprietary surface texturing process developed at N2 Biomedical to enhance the osseo-integrative properties of PEEK implant surfaces. As compared to our PEEKGuard™ coatings, the OsseoPEEK Mesoporous offers a higher degree of surface texturing in the 1 to 50nm range. The very large surface area of the mesoporous structure can result in preferential osteoblast differentiation and may also be used as a medium to deliver biologics and drugs from the surface of the implant itself. Additionally our OsseoPEEK Mesoporous coatings come in dierent colors suitable for product differentiation.

Features and Benefits

• Improves biocompatibility of PEEK

• Enhances Osseo-induction

• Enhances Osseo-integration

• Increases surface area

• Potential medium for drug
and biologics delivery

• Offers product differentiation

OsseoPEEK Mesoporous Datasheet1
OsseoPEEK Mesoporous Datasheet2