Infection & Thrombo Resistance, Tissue Integration, & Biocompatibility

Infection & Thrombo Resistance

For more than two decades, we have provided highly adherent silver coatings deposited using our Spi-Argent process as an effective antimicrobial coating for a number of applications including vascular grafts, catheters, spinal and orthopedic implants, fixation devices, and dental implants. Spi-Argent is a nanocrystalline minimally eluting silver antimicrobial film that is long lasting and has broad-spectrum effectiveness. Spi-Argent can be applied to a multitude of substrates including PET, silicone, PEEK, PBAX, Polyurethane, stainless steel, CoCr, and titanium.

For thrombo resistance applications, we offer our covalently bound heparin-based CHS Coating that improves blood compatibility of medical device surfaces by minimizing clotting reactions. The coating is adherently attached to any material using a patented macromolecular heparin conjugate with unique single-point bonding technique. This process results in a permanent catalytically active surface with maximum exposure of heparin molecules to the blood interface.

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