An Overview Of Orthopedic Coatings

At N2 Biomedical we have been producing ion beam technology coatings to the medical device industry for over thirty years. We were initially known as Spire Biomedical Inc, but have been N2 Biomedical since 2013.

We provide specialized coatings for the medical field as well as for our customers in the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries to name just a few. In the last 30 years, there have been numerous changes in the options available for medical and orthopedic coatings and it is interesting to see just how far the technology has come in a relatively short amount of time.


In the last three decades, a lot of changes have occurred in the research and the technology of orthopedic implants and devices. In the early stages of development, the coatings were designed from much larger beads or coating materials.

Today, the coatings used are much finer and designed with increased lubricity, decreased friction and extreme corrosion resistance. This is critical in movable implants such as hip and knee joints where the old types of implants had a relatively short life cycle.

Now, patients having these types of implants can expect that the enhanced functioning of the orthopedic coatings in conjunction with new joint design technology will result in almost double the life cycle of artificial joints of only a few years ago.

Better Infection Resistance

Another critical improvement in orthopedic coatings is the use of silver coatings to reduce the risk of infection due to an orthopedic implant. We even offer a special coating option that will act to improve the ability of the blood and the surface of the medical device to be compatible.

We also offer specialized coatings that are designed to promote in growth of bone and tissue to the implant. This not only stabilizes the implant faster, but also improves recovery after the procedure for the patient.