Research & Development at N2 Biomedical

Customer-Focused R&D

Research and development is a cornerstone activity at N2 Biomedical. Supported by an experienced and talented technical staff, we are continually working to develop new and innovative surface treatment technologies that provide our customers with distinct market advantage. We work closely with our customers from initial product concept through market launch, assuring that developed processes satisfy all technical, clinical, regulatory and cost objectives. This interactive process allows us to tailor surface treatment solutions to specific customer needs while efficiently employing resources and minimizing time to market.

Government-funded R&D

For nearly 40 years, our team of scientists has conducted cutting edge multi-disciplinary research funded by various US government agencies, enabling us to expand our technology base and offer new products and services to our commercial clients. On many of these projects we work closely with top-tier university labs and researchers throughout the country, including Northeastern University, University of California, University of North Carolina, and many others. Some of our recently- funded government R&D efforts include:

  • Nano-crystalline, anti-microbial coatings with enhanced osseointegration properties for dental, spinal, and orthopedic implants
  • Ceramic coatings for improved sliding mechanics of orthodontic archwires
  • Antimicrobial biodegradable bone graft coatings for cranio-maxillofacial applications
  • Advanced wear- and corrosion-resistant lattice-structured thin films for orthopedic applications

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