Color Coatings for Medical and Industrial Applications

Features and Benefits

• Product distinction

• Increased surface energy

• Superior durability and adhesion

• Low temperature process

• Reduces friction


• Orthodontic Appliances and Archwires

• Surgical Instruments

• Fixation Devices

• Spinal Implants

• LVAD Components

• Stents

N2 Biomedical’s (or The) Spi-Spectrum process produces a family of brilliant and durable biocompatible color coatings that can be applied to a wide range of metallic substrates including titanium, stainless steel, NiTi, CoCr, and aluminum-based alloys, among others. Our coatings are ideal for product differentiation, enhanced aesthetics, as well as improved functionality. We also offer color coatings on a variety of polymer based substrates such as PEEK and PET. An array of single and multi-tone colors, including violet, blue, aqua, gold, pink, magenta, teal, and green are available.

Spi-Spectrum Representative Data
Spi-Spectrum Color