Things You Need to Know About Metal Coatings

Metal coatings are a type of industrial coating, more commonly applied on concrete or steel surfaces. If you’re thinking about getting this type of coating for your devices or tools, here are some of the things you need to know about it first:


These coatings offer the best in color as well as gloss retention. So if you’re looking for coating solutions that not only work great but also look great as well, then metal coatings are a solid choice to go for. These coatings can enhance elements or parts and help architects with the ideal color match.


Metal coatings need to be evaluated by chalk and fading. Since constant and prolonged exposure to the sun as well as to humidity and moisture—along with temperature changes—can result in color changes or blistering in coats, it makes sense to find coatings well able to withstand all that. Metal coats are also a well-known deterrent against chalking and corrosion, ensuring your metal parts perform so much better and last longer.


There are also several pigment types you can go for when you opt for this type of coating. If you’re looking for superior exterior application that matches specific tones and colors, then this is your best bet in achieving a color match.

Project location

You just have to make sure you factor in the project location as well. If you’re going to use the parts or devices in a coastal environment, you’ll need to go for thick-film primers. For industrial environments clear coats to ensure there’s another barrier must be added in as well. This helps keep the coating resistant to the salt residue in the air. Also, regular rainfall can affect corrosion levels. You can rinse your metal surfaces and coats with fresh water to help improve longevity of the parts or of certain metallic components.

If you’re going to use the parts in normal environments, the standard coating, though, will be fine.

Coating Solutions that Work

So if you’re looking for coating solutions for metal surfaces, make sure you keep these things in mind. These will help you find the right coating supplier so you can look forward to less wear and tear, less maintenance costs and better looks, durability and performance. For quality coating applications and services, contact us at N2 Biomedical. We’ll be happy to provide you for all your coating and surface needs.